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I proclaim 2015 to be the “Year of Purpose.” According to Romans 8:28-30, I decree everything that happens this year will work out for my good because I love God and I am called according to God’s purpose for my life.

Because 2015 adds up to 8, I further declare this is a time of New Beginnings. I release pains, problems, and paralyzing personalities to reach my destiny.

I acknowledge God’s dominion over my life. Troubling, trying, and tedious things even work out for my good. Mountains move and doors open to support my purpose. I will fulfill the call on my life.

I acknowledge God’s desire for my life. God chose me, made me righteous, and filled me with glory. I was born to be a blessing. I was fashioned to have favor. I am called to greatness and will accomplish much for the Kingdom by the grace of God. Therefore, I glorify my father by living intentionally.

I acknowledge God’s design of my life. I was made in the image of God, have been given power from the Holy Spirit, and am redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb. Because of this, I am uncommon, unique, and ultimately destined for success. I proclaim that I am fully prepared to pursue and overcome, as God reveals the plan for my life.

I acknowledge God’s destiny for my life. This year, I will have to become a better steward of God’s plan for my life. EVERYTHING will work in my life the way God desires for it to work. Because of this, I will discover, cultivate, manifest, and excel in my purpose.

New Territory, New Testimonies, and New Triumphs belong to me, my church family, and my spiritual leadership in the name of Jesus. Hallelujah and Amen.

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